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Test 1 / 10

Sample questions you may be asked:

  • What do you do when you want to relax? (Why?)
  • Do you prefer to relax with friends or alone? (Why?)
  • Is it important to do exercise in your free time? (Why?/Why not?)
  • Is it useful to learn new skills in your freetime? (Why?/Why not?)
  • Do you think people spend too much time working/studying these days? (Why?/Why not?)
Test 2 / 10

Sample questions you may be asked:

  • Where is the last place you travelled? (When did you go?)
  • Do you prefer travelling with family or with friends? (Why?)
  •  What’s the best place to visit in (candidate’s country)? (Why?)
  • Is it better to travel in your own country or to visit another country? (Why?)
  •  Some people say travelling is a good way to learn new things. Do you agree? (Why?/Why not?)

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