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The Trojan War

The Trojan War was a famous war that was fought because prince Paris of Troy took Queen Helen, the wife of the king of Sparta in Greece, back to Troy with him, because they were in love. When the Spartan king found this out, he demanded that Queen Helen return to Greece.Select So, he sent his army to fight the Trojans to get her back.

Troy was very powerful and it had a wall that went all around the city so that invaders could not attack the houses inside. If someone came up to the wall, the Trojan army used to shoot arrows at them. They felt very safe behind their wall. Select That’s why they were not afraid when the Greek army arrived.

The Greeks had wanted to invade Troy for many years, but this was impossible because of the wall. Now, trying to get Helen back, they faced this impossible wall again, when one of the Greek generals had a brilliant idea. He realized how he could trick the Trojans to let them into the city. Select Then they could fight them and get Helen back.

He told his men to build a huge horse made of wood, but empty inside. The horse was very beautiful and very heavy. Then he told some of his soldiers to hide inside, and the rest of the army pretended to give up and leave. The trojans thought they had won and took the beautiful horse into their city. Select The Greeks hid quietly inside the horse.

Later that night, when everyone was sleeping, the Greek soldiers who had been hiding, came out and opened the city gates to let their army into Troy. Select The Greeks killed all the enemy soldiers and won the battle of Troy. The Trojan horse became famous for being a very clever trick.

She had had many wars with them.Then they had a party to celebrate.She refused to leave and go back to him.They had never lost a battle since they had built it.They quietly came in and took control of the city.She was his only daughter.He knew how he could get them to open their gates.She didn’t love him anymore.
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Antarctica is the coldest, emptiest, and driest place on Earth. Ninety-nine percent of Antarctica is covered by ice about 5 metres thick. The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was minus 89.2 degrees Celsius, registered on July 21, 1983, at Antarctica’s Vostok station. This continent is dry, windy, and very cold. Select There is an area called Dry Valleys that has not had rain for more than a million years!

The existence of Antarctica was completely unknown until the continent was first discovered in 1820. Antarctica doesn’t have a government and belongs to no country. Select There are 30 various countries that operate 80 research stations located around the continent. In summer, more than 4000 scientists from all over the world work in research stations. Tourists arrive here, too. Select

Antarctica has no trees or bushes. The only plants that can live in such a cold place are algae, moss, and fungi. Select They live close together in large colonies and build their nests on the ice. In the ocean around the continent, you can see seals, whales, and orcas, but there are no big or large native land animals on the continent. Select

More than 56,000 people travelled to Antarctica during the 2018-2019 season.Also hiding under the Antarctic ice is an entire lake called Lake Vostok.But there are a lot of penguins.Winds in some places can reach 320 km/h.But Antarctica hasn’t always been an icy land.It is just too cold!Antarctica is the land surrounded by the ocean.It is the only place in the world that is not ruled by any nation.