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Test 1 / 25

Decide which weekend activity would be the most suitable for the people below.

A Equestrian Weekend
This equestrian event will bring together the best jockeys and horses to take place in dressage and jumping demonstrations. Saturday and Sunday evening. Pony rides available for children aged 5 to 12.

B Ice Spectacular
A musical show on ice starring the world championship skater Jack Williams. Amazing effects and music – only this Saturday. Afternoon and evening shows available.

C  Teletower Open Day
The telecommunications tower, the tallest building in the city, is opening its doors to the public this weekend. Travel in the glass elevator to the top of the building for some amazing views of the city.

D Rocket Races
Come and compete or watch the competition, which takes place this weekend over three days. International teams compete to race their virtual cars to the finish line. Suitable for computer lovers who love speed and special effects.

E Katie Jackson
If you love Indie music, this is an event not to be missed! Katie Jackson presents her new album at the Riverside Concert Hall on Saturday and Sunday.

F Graffitti Art
Graffiti is a form of art that fascinates young people and is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. The Banksy Gallery presents its new collection of graffiti art this weekend.

G Boat Race
A boat race with a difference! Make your own boats out of recycled materials and race them in the lake. Children and adult categories. Takes place on Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m.

H The Games Festival
Learn all about the newest board games available and come and try them out at The Games Festival this weekend. Open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Suitable for all ages. Games for everyone!

Gina has her own boat and goes sailing when she can. She is going shopping with her mother on Saturday and would like to take her to see a view of the city from high up. Her mother is a keen photographer and likes taking pictures of city landscapes.
C – Teletower Open Day
Harry and his friends, who are members of the school equestrian team, are total Katie fans, and have heard that she will be in town this weekend. They want tickets for her concert as they love her music.
E – Katie Jackson
The Locke family are looking for a suitable event for this weekend. They want something for all the family and particularly enjoy playing games together. They aren't keen on computers and need something that is open all day.
H – The Games Festival
Kaitlin is an avid artist and has heard that there is a great exhibition in town. She loves different kinds of art, especially modern art. She loves helping her brother make rockets.
F – Graffitti Art
Noa and her sister are free on Saturday afternoon and they want to see a show in town. They love anything to do with music and sports and are particularly interested in winter sports as they both love skiing.
B – Ice Spectacular
Test 2 / 25

Decide which book would be most suitable for each person.

A Henry Jowett ‘The Portrait of a Woman’
The charming Evelyn Blanchet was a French woman who came to England in the eighteenth century and won the hearts of young men wherever she appeared. This enjoyable romance shows us the elegant evening dresses, the beautiful rooms, and Evelyn’s gleaming eyes in an imaginary world full of gardens and palaces.

B Patience Jones ‘The English Corner’
In a quiet English village by the sea, a young French widow gets a second chance at love. Annabel Ginger hasn’t been back to the Village of Abberton since she buried her husband two years ago. Now she’s returning with her 4-year-old daughter, Alice.

C Robin Greene ‘Migration’
In the dark future of Jupiter XI, more than 90 percent of the world’s population died. Most people killed themselves or were killed by others who were listening to voices steering their dreadful actions. Those who survived live in a very hostile environment. There are so many different twists or unexpected turns.

D Ann Kaufman ‘Baby Dance’
This fabulous board book follows five American puppies (including a rather cheeky Yorkie) as they play and dance the day away. Using delightful rhyme and simple language, an American author Ann Kaufman has created a fun, rhythmical story that is a joy to read and alluring to little ears.

E Bruce Nolan ‘Landia’
Landia is a medieval world filled with pirates and warriors, adventures and battles, and a group of boys trying to find their place in the world. The story focuses on a bunch of naughty boys who, as part of their coming of age, must go through six months of tough, physical training on land and sea to become warriors.

F Automobile Association ‘Walks and Tours in England’
A free guide (French edition) with practical tips and advice to help you get the most out of your trip to the United Kingdom. The guide includes detailed information on history, museums, galleries, churches as well as some useful information about accommodation. There are suggested tour routes, maps and directions.

G Izaak Watson ‘The Perfect Storm’
The “Silver Guide” series from St. George’s Press has been around since the late ’60s and is known for its comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics related to nature. “The Perfect Storm” is no exception. The book is widely considered to be one of the leading guidebooks for novice and experienced anglers.

H Doris McCartney ‘The Princess’
Open the book, and you won’t be disappointed, for what follows is a fascinating adventure with fantastic places and amazing creatures, all to be found just on the verge of reality, if only you could squeeze through the lavender hedge at the bottom of the garden to find it.

James is looking for a book for his granddaughter's fourth birthday present. Ideally, it should be about animals or elves and be a story he can read to her many times.
D Ann Kaufman ‘Baby Dance’
Susan is twenty-one and works for a multinational company. She likes romance novels very much, especially if they contain descriptions of fashionable clothes, magnificent houses, and parties.
A Henry Jowett ‘The Portrait of a Woman’
Andre is from Paris and travels across England on business very often. He would like a book that offers accurate information as he sometimes has time for sightseeing between business meetings.
F Automobile Association ‘Walks and Tours in England’
Tina is a chemistry student, but she would like to read science fiction in her free time. She wants to buy a well-written book with a surprise at the end.
C Robin Greene ‘Migration’
Peter wants to buy a book as a present for his friend Robin. Robin is keen on fishing and likes spending time in nature.
G Izaak Watson ‘The Perfect Storm’