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Test 1 / 20

You will hear an conversation with someone who is an expert on cyber safety.

What does the speaker say about mobile phones?
The speaker says that the fact that more girls are cyber bullies is
The speaker believes that many children are
The speaker disagrees with
What does the speaker recommend as a good password?
What is the speaker's opinion about the internet?

Speaker 2
Hi, and welcome to the show. Our speaker is an expert on cyber safety and is here today to tell us about how to keep safe online. Are young people nowadays in danger when they use the internet?

Speaker 1
Hi, well, yes. About 40% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online. Mobile phones are the most common gadgets used for cyber bullying.

Speaker 2
And is there any particular type of child that tends to be bullied more?

Speaker 1
It tends to be girls that are bullied more, and also, more girls than boys tend to bully others online, too. It’s about double the amount of girls than boys.

Speaker 2
That’s a surprising fact.

Speaker 1
Yes, it is. Therefore, it’s very important that parents are aware of what’s happening online with their children, and kids should always make adults aware of any problems.

Speaker 2
Can you tell us a bit more about how to keep safe online? There are many problems nowadays with identity theft.

Speaker 1
Many children under the age of 18 have their identity stolen. This means that a criminal is using your name and details without you knowing it. Children often post personal information online without realising that it could be dangerous.
So my advice is to be careful with what you post. It is very important to have safe passwords and not to give them to anybody, not even your best friends.

Speaker 2
And how can we make sure our passwords are safe?

Speaker 1
Well, try to choose something that isn’t too obvious. Don’t choose your date of birth or any important date. You should also avoid easy, obvious number sequences like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Your passwords should be made up of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. And you should never carry them around with you.

Speaker 2
Any last tips?

Speaker 1
Use antivirus software and take security precautions. Stay safe. It’s a useful tool, but remember the dangers.

Speaker 2
Thank you. That’s great advice.

Test 2 / 20

You will hear an interview with a 16-year-old girl called Jenny, who went on a school exchange to America for a month.

Why did Jenny get involved in the school exchange project
How did Jenny’s parents deal with her going to America for a month?
Who did Jenny live with in America?
How was the home in America different from Jenny’s home in England?
What Jenny missed most was
What did Jenny gain from the exchange project?

Man: Jenny, you have just returned from a school exchange to America for a month. Why did you want to take part in the exchange project?

Jenny: Well, most of the students who went on the exchange wanted to travel or they just wanted to be away from their parents for a while. For me it was a bit more personal as my father has been offered a job in New York and I wanted to see if I would like it there or not.

Man: So how did your parents react to you going away for such a long time? Were they worried?

Jenny: I don’t think they were very worried. They knew how excited I was though and they always do whatever they can to help me do the things I want to do. Plus they knew that I would be safe and well looked after.

Man: Who did you stay with in America?

Jenny: Well I thought I was going to be staying with a family with three children but something happened, I think the father got sick.  I ended up staying with a rich couple called John and Candy who didn’t have any children although they did have a couple of dogs.

Man: How was their home different to your home in the UK?

Jenny: For a start it was on quite a busy and noisy street and we live on a very small quiet street. (23) It was also really big especially as there are only two of them living in it. My whole family could easily live there and it wouldn’t be crowded. (23) Also it was beautifully decorated and had a lovely garden at the back that is probably three times the size of our garden.

Man: Was there anything or anyone that you missed while you were away?

Jenny: I thought I would miss my dog, but because they had two dogs I didn’t really miss him too much. Also a lot of my friends had gone with me on the exchange so I saw them every day. (24) However, it was quite difficult to be so far away from my brother and sister, even though they annoy me a lot when I am home.

Man: Finally Jenny, what do you think you gained from the whole experience?

Jenny: I liked being away from home but with my friends from England. (25) It was really good for me to learn how to live without my parents. I’m braver than I thought I was. Also, I loved America so I am happy that we might move there for my dad’s new job.

Man: Thank you for talking to us Jenny and good luck to you and your family in America.