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B1 Preliminary (PET)
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Test 1 / 21

You will hear a radio presenter called Anita talking about her holiday in Cuba.


In the National Gardens, the was the thing that attracted most people.

waterfallwaterfallsfantastic waterfallfantastic waterfalls

On the swimming trip, electronic armbands kept the away.


On the day in the countryside, Anita almost fell off a .

her horsehorse

In the capital city, Anita saw a in a theatre.

musicalmusical showmusical play

Anita enjoyed visiting a farm where is produced.


Anita bought some as gifts.


F: Hi everyone! Anita here. On today’s programme I’m going to tell you about the week I’ve just spent in Cuba.

We arrived on Sunday, and on Monday morning we went on our first visit, this was the National Gardens. These are full of trees and flowers and there was a fantastic waterfall that everyone stopped to admire, although the rainforest exhibition was the bit I liked best.

On the second day we went on a trip in a sailing boat to swim with dolphins. We had a very exciting time – we had to wear special electronic arm-bands to keep off any sharks! Noone saw any…fortunately! We had the option of travelling to a river valley in the countryside west of Havana the following day; I felt a bit worried as the programme included crossing a range of hills by horse and I haven’t ridden much. We met a noisy motorbike on the track, but I managed to stay on somehow!

On Thursday there was a day’s visit to the capital city: I loved the atmosphere of the shops and restaurants. We went to a theatre to see a musical in the afternoon – luckily not a serious play, which would be difficult for me, though my Spanish is improving.

On Friday, we went on a visit to a farm. I thought we were going to see coffee being grown, but in the end we went to a farm that produces sugar. It was OK though. We had lunch there. It was quite a celebration with guitars and delicious food.

Saturday was free for us to explore. I found a street full of jewellery workshops and bought a few rings to take back as presents for people back home. I was sorry later that I hadn’t bought any of the beautiful leather belts back! Maybe next time

Test 2 / 21

You will hear a radio presenter called Ellen talking about activities taking place over the summer.


For a full programme of events, text .


The Activity Centre is running indoor sessions for beginners.


There are also walks along the to learn about the local wildlife.

coast path

The Activity Centre is running an open day on June.


On the History Group walk you can learn about a famous who was born in the area.


If you’re interested in writing don’t forget to book a place with the Arts Centre.


Ellen: If you’re looking for things to do over the summer, there’s lots going on in the area. I’ll give you an idea of what you can do now, but for a full programme of events text 1576 and we’ll send you a link to all the information you need.

To give you a taste of what’s on offer, the Activity Centre is running a wide range of activities for all the family. There’s climbing for beginners. This is indoors and will be led by experienced teachers. The centre has also organised a walk along the coast path for a look at some of the creatures you can find there. The centre is open seven days a week, with a special open day on the thirteenth of June to give you an idea of what else is on offer.

As you know, our town has a very long history, and those with an interest in the past can sign up for one of the guided walks the History Group has organised. Find out where a very well-known celebrity was born and learn about local industry in the past. You can find out more at the History Centre, which is located in the central library.

For film lovers, the Arts Centre has a full programme of films running throughout the summer months. And the Book Festival, which starts on the fourteenth of August, has several speakers on its programme and book readings by some well-known authors. This year they’ll be organising a question and answer session for anyone interested in writing poetry. The Arts Centre expects this to be quite popular, so you should call them first to book a place.