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Test 1 / 20

Listen to six short dialogues and understand the gist of each.

You will hear two people talking about going out.

Where does the speaker want to go?

You will hear two people talking about some slippers.

What slippers does the girl like?

You will hear two friends talking about a camera.

What does the friend with the camera say?

You will hear two people talking about having braces.

What does the adult say about the braces?

You will hear two people talking about buying a phone.

What does the client want?

You will hear two people talking about doing chores.

What does the speaker choose to do?

Dialogue 1

– Can I go on the school trip with my cousin?

– When is it and when are they going? It’s next week and we’re going to the water park. We went to the pool last month with Grandad and then Aunt Liz took you to the zoo.

– Come on, it’s not exactly the same thing. Going to the pool with Grandad isn’t the same as a day at the water park with my cousin and all my friends.

– I thought you liked spending time with him.

– I do, but I’d really like to go to the water park.

– OK.

Dialogue 2

– My slippers are broken.  I need a new pair.

-Let me have a look. Maybe I can stitch them.

– Don’t even think about it.  I’ve had these for ages.  They’ve had it and I need a new pair. What’s more, I’ve seen some in the shop I really like.

– Let me guess, pink with silly eyes on them?  No, you’re wrong. OK, fluffy ones like your sister’s ones.

– No, they’re made of wool and have loads of colours.

Dialogue 3

– Can I borrow your camera?  Why?  Well, I’m going to the forest with some of my friends and I wanted to take some pictures of the things we see. You might lose it.  No, I won’t. I’ll be very careful.

I was going to buy you one and you told me you didn’t want one.

That was then, but I need one now.  Go on.


Dialogue 4

The dentist thinks I need braces.  So?  But I don’t fancy having them. Everyone will laugh at me.

 No, they won’t. They’ll be too busy laughing at your Mickey Mouse school bag.
 Anyway, they might be painful.

– No, they don’t hurt at all.  But if the dentist says you need them, you’ll have to have them.

–  I’m sure they’re very expensive.

They’re free if you’re a student.

Dialogue 5

I need a new phone.  Could you show me what you have? What kind of phone are you looking for?

– Something beautiful, with all of the features and a really big screen for videos.

 And what sort of price do you have in mind?

Something as cheap as possible, because I don’t have much to spend.

– This is going to be complicated.

Dialogue 6

– What would you like to do now?

– Lay on the sofa and watch a film

– Forget it. I can give you a choice. You can wash the car.

– OK, that’s out. What else?

– You can clean the windows.

– Next.

– You can take the dog for a walk in the forest. Come on, boy, let’s go walkies.

Test 2 / 20

Listen to six short dialogues and understand the gist of each.

You will hear two friends talking about a music performance.

The friends agree that

You will hear two friends talking about a play they have seen recently.

What surprised the girl about the play?

You will hear a boy telling a friend about an art course he went on.

What did the boy enjoy most about it?

 You will hear two friends talking about getting to school.

The girl thinks that walking to school with her friends

 You will hear a boy talking to a friend about his new house.

How does the boy feel about it?

You will hear a girl talking about a day out with her family.

Why did the girl’s family choose to go to the river?

Girl: I enjoyed that.

Boy: Me, too. I don’t think either of them played a wrong note in the whole performance.

Girl: I think I heard a few – perhaps they hadn’t had enough time to play together before the concert.

Boy: Maybe. I still wish they’d played a little longer, though – maybe a few more songs.

Girl: I thought it was about right as it was. That kind of music sounds so much better in a smaller place – I don’t know why they chose to have it there.

Boy: The two guitars are too quiet for somewhere that size.


Girl: That was an amazing play.

Boy: It was. Over half the people watching were school students like us.

Girl: I guess that’s not so unusual for an afternoon performance. Most adults are working then.

Boy: I wonder what it’s like being an actor. They must have to practise so hard.

Girl: The ones in this play certainly had. I found it difficult to believe how realistic they managed to make all of the characters.

Boy: Yes, and I couldn’t predict what would happen at the end.

Girl: I studied this play in literature classes last year, so I already knew what was going to happen.


Girl: How was the art course?

Boy: Fantastic – I learned so much.

Girl: So what was the best bit?

Boy: There were so many, but if I could only choose one, I think it’d be how the teacher got us to practise techniques in a number of different ways. I thought I’d spend most of the time drawing or painting, but we did so many other activities, all of which were quite useful for developing our skills.

Girl: Sounds good.

Boy: And I never knew there were so many jokes about artists! Our teacher seemed to know them all, which was great fun.


Boy: Are you walking to school with us tomorrow?

Girl: I might go on my own, actually. I don’t want to be late.

Boy: But you’ll enjoy it more if you come with us.

Girl: It’s often no different to walking by myself because you all walk slowly along with your headphones on.

Boy: We show each other things on our phones, too.

Girl: That’s true, which is great in our free time, but not when it means arriving half an hour later than I would if I was by myself. At least you’re polite enough to move out of the way for other people on the pavement, though.


Girl: How’s your new house?

Boy: I like it. The colours aren’t what I’d ever choose, but my mom says we can easily fix that. My bedroom’s much bigger than the one at the old house, which annoyed my brother as his is quite small – like the rest of the house.

Girl: I thought people usually moved to be somewhere bigger …

Boy: Sure, but where it is is important, too, and the new one’s much closer to my parents’ work and to school, too. I can walk there in five minutes, which means I get to stay longer in bed in the morning.


Boy: How was your weekend?

Girl: Good, thanks. We went for a day out by the river.

Boy: The river near here? It’s easy to walk to, but it’s not like there’s lots to do there.

Girl: I know. That’s why we went somewhere else, about an hour away in the car. It’s dangerous for swimming because the river’s really deep and wide there, but we’ve never found a better place to sit and eat. I know you’d probably prefer somewhere which has lots of activities, but it’s really peaceful, so we just sit on the grass, enjoy our food and relax.

Boy: Sounds nice.