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Test 1 / 20

Which sound could the speaker not have heard?
Which activity was the speaker too busy to do?
What did the speaker leave for another person to do?
Which activity did the speaker have to leave for another day?
Which item does the speaker obviously not use?
What weapon does the speaker make a mistake about?
What will the speaker not have for breakfast?

Part 1

(0:03) Did you hear that?

(0:05) No, what did you hear?

(0:07) I think there’s someone at the door.

(0:10) What makes you say that?

(0:12) I heard the doorbell ring, then I heard a knock on the door, and then I think I heard a tap on the window.

(0:19) We’re on the twelfth floor.

(0:22) OK, so maybe I didn’t hear the third one, but the other two were real.

(0:28) OK, let’s have a look. 

Part 2

(1:03) Did you have the time to wash my shirt?

(1:06) If it was in the washing, then yes. 

(1:09) And did you iron my trousers? 

(1:12) I ironed all the clothes I could find, so I’d say yes.

(1:15) There was a button missing on my jacket. (1:18) Did you have time to stitch it on for me? 

(1:20) I’m sorry, I didn’t have time for any needlework. (1:23) That’ll have to be next week.

Part 3

 (1:54) Tell me again how you made this stew.

(1:56) I cleaned and prepared all the ingredients. (2:01) Then I followed the recipe and cooked the stew for a couple of hours. 

(2:07) Once you finished the meal, did you have to do anything else?

(2:11) No, that’s not my section. (2:13) Bob clears the table and does the washing up.

Part 4

(2:44) I hear you had fun yesterday. 

(2:47) Yes, I helped my cousin milk the cows. 

(2:50) That’s unusual.

(2:52) Then we went horse riding. 

(2:53) But what about the zoo? (2:55) You wanted to see the zebras.

(2:58) No time for that. (2:59) Maybe next week.

Part 5

(3:24) Where do you live? 

(3:26) On the first floor of this building. 

(3:28) So, do you use the stairs?

(3:30) Sometimes, but I use the lift when I have a lot of bags. 

(3:35) Or a ladder? 

(3:36) No, I don’t use a ladder.

(3:39) You’re a bit strange sometimes.

Part 6
(4:06) What did you wear for carnival?  

(4:08) I went as a knight.

(4:10) Ah, so you had a sword.

(4:12) Yes, a really big one.

 (4:14) And a shield. 

(4:16) You can’t have a sword without a shield.

(4:18) You’re right.

(4:20) And a gun?  

(4:21) No, no gun.

(4:23) They didn’t have guns in those days.

Part 7

(4:53) I fancy going out for breakfast. 

(4:56) OK, what will you have? 

(4:58) I think I need some hot chocolate.

(5:01) That’s a good idea. 

(5:02) What else? 

(5:03) A couple of doughnuts could do the trick.

(5:06) OK, and some ice cream? 

(5:08) No, not for breakfast. (5:10) That’s for the evening.

(5:12) I suppose so.

Test 2 / 20

Which food does the speaker like the best?
When are the speaker's parents expecting to see a film?
Which animals was the speaker unable to spend time with?
Which item does the speaker suddenly think of?
Which was the last form of transport seen in the film?
Which person resembles the speaker's teacher?
When is the speaker's friend's birthday?

Part 1

 (0:04) What’s your favourite meal? (0:06) Is it paella or fried chicken?

(0:09) I must admit I like both of them very much, but they’re not my favourite. (0:13) When I’m hungry, I like nothing better than a good hamburger with a big ration of chips. (0:19) I know it isn’t good for you, but man, it tastes good.

Part 2

(0:48) What are your parents doing for their anniversary?

(0:51) They were thinking of going to the cinema. (0:53) There’s a great new film out.

(0:55) When are they going to see it?

(0:57) It was advertised on Wednesday, but then they changed it to Thursday. (1:01) They’re going on Friday.

(1:03) That’s a good day for it. 

Part 3

(1:28) I worked in a zoo this summer.

(1:32) Wow, what did you have to do?

(1:34) I love animals, so I got to work with the rhinos and I looked after this baby elephant. (1:40) I didn’t get to work with the baboons, which are my favourites. (1:44) Maybe next year.

Part 4

(2:09) What are you up to?

(2:10) My weekly chores. (2:12) I’m doing the washing. (2:13) Do you have anything you want cleaned?

(2:16) I think you already have my shorts and my jeans, so that’s everything. (2:21) No, wait. (2:22) I’ll give you these socks.

(2:23) They need a wash. (2:25) Thanks.

(2:53) But what about the zoo? (2:55) You wanted to see the zebras.

(2:58) No time for that. (2:59) Maybe next week.

Part 5

(2:50) I didn’t see the end of that film last night. (2:53) What happened?

(2:54) It was great, wasn’t it?

(2:57) I don’t know. (2:58) I didn’t see how it ended.

(3:00) This guy was chasing some drug dealers and he jumped out of a helicopter, stole a motorbike and then his boat exploded, but he was OK. (3:09) And he got the drug dealers. (3:10) It was very exciting.

Part 6

(3:41) That’s my teacher over there, waiting for the bus.

(3:44) You mean the lady with brown hair, wearing a hat? (3:48) She looks really nice.

(3:49) No, my teacher is also really nice and very friendly, but she has blonde hair, not brown hair, and she wears glasses.

(3:57) Oh yes, I see her now. (3:59) Yes, she does look friendly. 

Part 7

(4:29) I need to buy my friend a gift, but I have a problem.

(4:34) What’s the problem?

(4:35) I can’t remember when it’s his birthday. (4:38) I think he said the 12th or the 14th, but I’m not sure. (4:43) I don’t want to miss his party, but I can’t call him to ask.

(4:47) His birthday is on the 16th and his mother called to invite you last week. (4:53) Make sure you get him a nice gift.