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B1 Preliminary (PET)
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Test 1 / 20

What did the girl buy on her shopping trip?
Why did the plane leave late?
What activity does the woman want to book for the weekend?
Which cake will the girl order?
How much must customers spend to get a free gift?
What did the family do on Sunday?
Which programme is on first?

1 – What did the girl buy on her shopping trip?

M: Hi Lucy. Have you been shopping?
F: Yeah… getting stuff for my room at college …
M: What’s it like?
F: Well not large! There’s a bed, a desk, but nowhere to put books. And there’s only one big
light in the ceiling. I’d prefer to have a lamp on my desk, so that’s what I got today. If I’ve
got enough money, I’ll get some bookshelves next week. They had some lovely big
cushions on special offer in the department store – I nearly got one today actually – so
maybe the bookshelves can wait.

2 – Why did the plane leave late?

M: Good morning. This is your captain speaking. I’d just like to apologise for the late departure
of the flight. As you know, we had to wait for the runway to be cleared of snow before we
could take off and get on our way. We’ll arrive in Manchester in about an hour, and we’re
told the weather on the ground isn’t good – there’s heavy rain in the city, and we’re
expecting strong winds at the airport as we land, but we shouldn’t be too far behind
schedule. Thanks for your attention.

3 – What activity does the woman want to book for the weekend?

F: Hello, I’m just ringing to book an activity at your leisure centre for the weekend. I was
hoping to book a sailing lesson, but I understand from your website they’re all full, so I’m
wondering if there are any cycles available to hire instead – there’s no information about
those. I’d really like to join one of the group rides through the forest – I think I’d enjoy that
more than the car racing I tried last time. Could you ring me back to confirm? Many

4 – Which cake will the girl order?

M: Have you chosen a cake yet?
F: I’m not sure. I guess you’re having the lemon one?
M: How did you know?
F: Because you always do!
M: I suppose I do! So what about you?
F: Hmm, I might try the one with the strawberries on.
M: You had that last time and you weren’t keen on it, remember? I’d go for the chocolate
cake if I were you.
F: Mmm, the chocolate one does look good. Might be a bit sweet, though. Oh, I think I’ll
have the same as you

5 – How much must customers spend to get a free gift?

F: Stacy’s Supermarket has some wonderful offers for you today. Buy six bottles of Stacy’s
own fruit juice, in any of our great-tasting natural flavours, and the price will be only £9.99
– that’s a huge saving. And we have a mystery present for all shoppers. To get yours,
buy goods today with a total of at least £19.99 and we will reward you. And take a look at
our special party food – buy everything for a birthday meal for six, including a cake, for as
little as £29.99

6 – What did the family do on Sunday?

F: Did you have a good day out on Sunday with the children?
M: Yes! We’d planned to go and see the big fish at the Sea-Life Centre – which opened
recently – and then go and see a film. We got to the Sea-Life centre, and it was so full, we
were told to come back an hour later. We did, and it was worth the wait. Much more fun
for the children than the art gallery we saw some weeks ago. Couldn’t get to the cinema,
though, but we had a good day.

7 – Which programme is on first?

M: Good evening. It’s eight o’clock and time for tonight’s news. There’s something for all
tastes coming up later on. If you’re staying up late tonight, then you can catch a repeat of
last Saturday’s Come Dancing programme. If you don’t have the energy for that, then stay
on this channel for Quiz Challenge with teams from Manchester and Oxford competing in
the final. Before that, however, you can watch Lucas Wilson preparing some traditional
Polish dishes. But now, here’s the eight o’clock news.

Test 2 / 20

What is the girl going to bring for the picnic?
Which activity did the boy enjoy most during his holiday?
What homework does the girl have to do tonight?
Where did the students go on their school trip?
Which present has the boy already bought?
Where did the boy go with his family at the weekend?
How will the girl get to her friend's house?

Boy: What are you bringing for the picnic?

Girl: My mum bought some soft drinks for us to take, but apparently Ellie had already said that she’d bring some, so I thought about making some sandwiches instead. Or we’ve got loads of fruit at home – I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind if I took a few apples and bananas and so on.

Boy: I think Harry’s bringing fruit.

Girl: In that case, I’ll go with my other idea. We’ve got plenty of bread and cheese and things.

Boy: Great! Let’s hope the weather’s good tomorrow.


Girl: So how was your holiday?

Boy: Good, thanks. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the mountains as much as the sea, but I did.

Girl: I bet you missed windsurfing, didn’t you? You do that every year.

Boy: I got to do some, actually – on a lake near the hotel. It’s still my favourite, but cycling on the paths through the mountains was nearly as exciting.

Girl: Didn’t you say you wanted to go horse-riding, too?

Boy: I was going to, and I’d still love to try it, but we just ran out of time.


Man: Have you got much homework?

Girl: I’ve got some art. I have to draw a vase or something like that, I think. It doesn’t have to be handed in till Friday, so I can do it on Wednesday night. My history essay has to be in tomorrow, though, so I’d better finish that this evening. Oh, and Mr Havelock set us some maths homework today and gave us a week to do it, so no need to do that until the weekend.

Man: Well, good luck with it.

Girl: Thanks.


Boy: That was a great school trip. There were so many different animals.

Girl: Yes. I love dinosaurs, but even I got a bit tired of looking at bones after an hour on the trip last year.

Boy: I agree. At least this time they were alive!

Girl: Yes, and it’s so nice to see creatures from all over the world. I’m glad the teacher didn’t decide to do what she’d originally planned and go to the farm. You see sheep and cows all the time around here.

Boy: You do.


Boy: Hi Sarah, it’s Max. I need to talk to you about Dad’s birthday present. I know you said you wanted to get him some chocolates. I hope you don’t mind, but I saw some boxes of the ones he really likes on special offer in that shop near the school, so I just got one. Why don’t you buy him the cookery book that I was going to get him instead? It probably costs about the same, and he’ll like that more than socks or whatever we usually get him.


Girl: How was your weekend?

Boy: It was good, thanks. There’s a funfair on in town at the moment that my sister wanted to go to. I said I’d prefer to go to the big football match that was on at the stadium. My parents said they’d rather go to the river for a picnic instead, though, so everyone wanted to do different things. Then it started raining, so I got what I wanted in the end because the roof closes when it rains, so we could avoid getting wet.


Girl: Hi, I’m just phoning to say that I’m going to arrive at your house a bit later than I’d planned. I’d got part of the way there when I had a problem with the tire on my bike and couldn’t fix it. I had to walk home with it because it’s too big to take on the bus. Anyway, my dad’s just got home from work and said he can give me a ride but he has to make a phone call first. I’ll be there in half an hour.