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B2 First (FCE)
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Test 1 / 21

You will hear part of a radio interview with a woman called Rachel Reed, who works in a commercial art gallery, a shop which sells works of art.

What does Rachel say about her job title?
What is the most common reason for the gallery not exhibiting an artist’s work?
When can phone calls from artists be difficult for Rachel?
Why does Rachel include a commentary in the catalogue?
What does Rachel say about administrative work?
What is Rachel’s role in the service the gallery offers to large companies?
What does Rachel find most enjoyable about her job?
Test 2 / 21

You will hear a conversation with Mika about her choir.

What social skills does singing in a choir develop?
In what way is singing in a choir therapeutic?
How was Mika's background unusual for a choir master?
What was Mika's objective in moving to Jaffa?
Why was Mika selective about which gender to work with?
What support did Mika need to get her project off the ground?
Why does Mika need to be careful when choosing the music?
Test 3 / 21

You will hear a conversation with Lauren who is an expert on golden eagles.

1) How does Lauren describe her interests when she was young?
2) What kind of person does she claim to have been in her youth?
3) How did Lauren develop her interest in falconry?
4) In which way did reality dispel uneducated opinions about golden eagles?
5) What negative preconceptions about eagles did Lauren come across?
6) What effect did images of Kazakh Eagle hunters have on Lauren?
7) Why did Lauren get a positive response from the Kazakh Eagle hunters?
Test 4 / 21

You will hear a conversation with Wendy who is a tattoo artist.

1) What inspired Wendy to become a tattoo artist?

2) How did Wendy's family feel about her interest in tattooing?
3) How does Wendy feel about the first tattoo she got?
4) How did Wendy feel about advising people not to have some kinds of tattoos?
5) What was Wendy's objective when giving people tattoos?
6) What hardships did Wendy have to endure to become a tattoo artist?
7) What activities as a child helped Wendy in her objective to become a tattoo artist?