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B2 First (FCE)
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Test 1 / 25

Spectacled Bears

Angela says that it was the of the spectacled bear that first interested her.

great namename

Angela mentions that the bear’s markings can be found on its as well as its eyes and cheeks.


Angela is pleased by evidence that spectacled bears have been seen inareas of Argentina.

northernnorththe north

Angela says the bears usually live in though they can also be found in other places.


Spectacled bears behave differently from other types of bear duringwhich Angela finds surprising.

winterthe winter

Angela is upset that are the biggest danger to spectacled bears.

the humanssome humanhuman beingssome peoplepeoples

Angela says that spectacled bears usually eatand tree bark.


Bears climb trees and make awhich fascinated Angela.

platforma platform

When bears eat meat, they much preferalthough they do eat other creatures.

small micelittle micemice

One man has produced an amusingabout the time he spent studying the bears.

diaryfunny diary
Test 2 / 25

The speaker feels that when travellers get lost, they are forced to be to get directions. 


When you need to ask yourself questions like what you want to see, the speaker maintains it is an like no other. 


He adds that he purposefully chose to his daughter about the pleasures of getting lost. 


One of the pleasures the speaker describes is going to another city, and different places. 


He adds that in foreign countries he sometimes wanders and trusting in his ability to find his way home. 


When speaking about sixteen year olds, he mentions that they are often asked which they are going to. 


He feels this is unfair because in essence they are not fully yet, and have no idea what they may want to do in the future. 


His advice is that they should be given the freedom to self themselves. 


He adds that not being told to go to class might enable them to something about themselves. 


The speaker concludes by asking if you are a person that values freedom, because he feels and travel provide that. 

Test 3 / 25

The speaker begins by explaining how having a bias when playing poker can be absolutely .


She gives the example of a big hand, when the other player seems uncertain, you look for that they’re bluffing.


She makes the point that you need to ask questions, and learning that skill can be to becoming a great poker player.


These ideas can be applied in life, when you may wish to hire a new person as a who happens to be an old friend.


There is a tendency to look for positive signs and the overwhelming negative signs.


The point the speaker is making is that our brains are inclined to confirm what we believe.


The status quo bias relates to things that have always been done this way, or have in the past.


In such situations, we have a to not want to change our behaviour.


She explains that in poker, she would rely on this instinct, and not her playing style.


Her advice is that we should look for situations where we could be using it to staying in a situation rather than changing it.

Test 4 / 25

The speaker starts by encouraging people wanting to learn something to accept feelings of being a fake and to open their mind.


This allows the learner to pay more attention and more effectively.


There are others who follow the normal attitude in society about acting about yourself and your skills.


Unfortunately this attitude makes it difficult for you to be and correct your mistakes.


The low profile approach enables the learner to get the needed in order to excel.


Someone trying to learn something can often fall into one of two categories, the racecar driver and the .


Some people think that being a slow thinker can be .


But, when a racecar driver reaches the finish line, everything’s a .


The speaker is making the case that slower thinkers enjoy a and deeper experience.


They are also able to see things the fast thinkers missed because they were looking more .