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Test 1 / 25

You will hear people talking in eight different situations.

1) You hear an instructor speaking to a group of trainees.

What is said about the pass rate?

2) You hear a computer specialist discussing a problem.

What kind of problem is it?

3) You hear two people speaking about a problem with the police.

How was the problem resolved?

4) You hear a conversation about a stolen bicycle.

What impression does the policeman give the victim of the theft?

5) You hear a conversation on a plane about a problem.

What is the nature of the problem?

6) You hear two people talking near a school.

How does the man feel?

7) You hear a conversation about cooking dinner.

Why is one speaker reluctant to make a decision?

8) You hear someone speaking about ironing.

What does the speaker decide to do?

Thank you all for coming down to the beach today. I know the conditions are far from ideal. We’ll be having a reassessment for the lifeguard exam shortly.

All of you have done it before, and I believe that for most it’s only the second time you’re doing the exam. Don’t worry, it’s quite tough physically and many people don’t pass until the third or fourth attempt. We’ll conduct a timed swim soon and we expect participants to complete the swim in under eight minutes.

Best of luck to you all.


-Hello, you’re through to the IT department. How can I help?

-Hi, my computer isn’t working properly.

-What exactly do you mean?

-It’s blocked and I can’t get it to do anything.

-Have you tried turning it off and on again?

-No, I can’t even seem to do that.

-Okay, can you see the on-off switch?


-Keep it pressed until the computer goes off.

-Okay, it’s gone off.

-Now turn it on again.

-Okay, it’s working fine now, thank you.

-No problem.


-Oh no, that police car wants you to pull over.

-Is all the paperwork in order?

-I think so, but I’m not sure.

-Okay, just stay here and I’ll handle it.

-Hello officer.

-Hey Jo, is that you?

-That was Jo. I went to school with him. We were good friends.

Anyway, we had a chat about old times and he told me to drive off. That was lucky. Wasn’t it just?


-Hello, I’d like to report my bike being stolen.

-Yes, okay. When was it stolen?

-Last night from my back garden. I’d say it was sometime in the middle of the night.

-And can you describe the bike?

-It was a lady’s road bike with blue grip tape on the handlebars. The frame of the bike is white.

-Okay, I’ll type the report up now so you can keep a copy if you need it for insurance. I’m sorry to tell you that a lot of people have had their bikes stolen lately. They turn up every now and then, but a good road bike like yours would be easy to sell second hand. I wouldn’t hold out much hope of seeing it again if I were you.

-That’s not very encouraging.

-Well, you never know, but I prefer to tell you how it is.



-Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but it’s my first time flying and I’m quite nervous.

-Don’t worry, I can assure you that everything will be fine. The plane and the staff are all highly trained and there aren’t any weather problems expected.

-Okay, that’s reassuring to hear. I have some sleeping pills with me. Would it be possible to get some water to take them?

-Yes, certainly, I can get you some now. Is there anything else?

-I might be sick. It could be a good idea to give me one of those sick bags.

-I don’t think you’ll need one, but I’ll get you one just in case. Try to relax and think about something else.

-Okay, thanks.


-Okay now, take off your coat and do what the teacher tells you. I’ll come to collect you after school. Good girl, I love you.

-I can’t believe she’s already starting school.

I know, they grow up so fast.

-Look at them all in their little uniforms. The house will feel so empty without her running around the place during the day. What will I do?

-Enjoy yourself. I couldn’t wait for school to start again to give me some peace and quiet. I’m so tired of the screaming and shouting. My feet are permanently bruised from standing on Lego all the time.

-Oh, I love all the hustle and bustle of young children. I guess I’ll just have to convince the wife to have some more.


-What do you fancy having for dinner?

-I don’t know. You decide.

-I hate deciding. You’ll just end up complaining about whatever decision I make.

-No, I won’t.

-Yes, you will. It’s not the first time.

-Okay, let’s have spaghetti.

-I don’t fancy spaghetti.

-Here we go. If I decide, you’re not interested and you don’t want to decide.

-Okay, we’ll have spaghetti.

-That’s settled then.


I completely forgot that I needed my share iron for tonight. I’m not sure I even know where we keep the iron.

Right, okay, here it is. Turn it on. How long will it take to get hot?

I should probably try to do this more often. Mum usually does them. I should thank her.

Anyway, here goes. I suppose you just do this, then this. Well, it’s not too difficult.

It’s just boring. Oh no, it’s made a mark. Maybe the iron was too hot.

I’ve ruined my shirt.

Test 2 / 25

You will hear people talking in eight different situations.

1) You hear some people talking about art.

How do the speakers feel?

2) You hear a conversation between two people looking for a date.

The lady feels

3) You hear a person speaking about animals.

How does he feel about rhinos?

4) You hear someone speaking about a tree.

The speaker is unhappy because

5) You hear a conversation on the radio with a minister.

The minister appears to

6) You hear a conversation with a successful athlete.

How does the athlete feel?

7) You hear a conversation about a missing phone.

Where is the phone?

8) You hear someone speaking about a situation.

How does the speaker feel?


Question 1 

W: What’s that?

M: It’s a painting.

W: I know that, but what’s it supposed to be a painting of?

M: It doesn’t have to be a painting of anything. It’s art.

W: I don’t think it’s very good.

M: I think it’s brilliant.

W: Really?

W: Why do you like it?

M: I like the way the colors all blend together. And I like the shapes.

W: Well, I think it’s boring.

M: You’ve got no taste.


Question 2 

M: Hi.

W: Hello. Nice to meet you.

M: Nice to meet you, too. Have you done speed dating before?

W: No, it’s my first time so far. It’s going quite well, though.

M: Good. Me too. Well, do you want to ask a question first, or shall I?

W: I’ll go first. What do you do for fun?

M: I like collecting insects.

W: Oh, no. Really?

M: I think they’re fascinating.

W: I hate insects. They terrify me. Especially spiders.

M: Well, I don’t think our date would work out, as I’ve got samples all over my flat.

W: Sorry, that’s not for me now.

Question 3 

M: Now, folks, on the left here you will see some giraffes. Giraffes are quite common in this area and this herd is quite used to us, so don’t be alarmed if they come very close to the jeeps. They won’t do you any harm.

From time to time, rhinos can be seen in the area too. They tend not to come too close, and we also keep our distance from them as they can get a bit aggressive. They are beautiful creatures, though. 

If only we could do something about the poachers, we could guarantee their survival. But unfortunately, the future doesn’t look bright for them.


Question 4 

M: If you destroy this tree, you are destroying the earth itself. 

Why don’t you stop this madness? You can build your houses somewhere else. This is an ancient oak tree and it’s been here longer than all of you. It creates oxygen for humans and you want to repay it by chopping it down. 

That’s so terrible it makes me cry. The houses will have to be built somewhere else. That’s all there is to it. 


Question 5 

W: Welcome back to today’s show. Today we have a government minister with us on the line. We’re going to be talking about the current housing crisis and what the government plan to do about it. Good afternoon, Minister.

Thanks for coming on the show to speak with us.

M: Thanks for having me.

W: At present, what does the government plan to do about the rapidly growing number of homeless families in our cities?

M: Well, yes, we have a plan to stop homelessness in the cities starting from 2025 onwards. 

W: Let me stop you right there. What is the plan and what are the government doing immediately about the families who are homeless right now?

M: Well, by 2025 we will…

W: 2025 is too late a date Minister, has the government got an immediate action plan to deal with this problem? 

M: Well, not exactly.


Question 6

M: It’s great to see you. The last time I saw you was on the TV. Congratulations on the gold medal. You did the country proud.

W: Thanks very much. I don’t know what to say. It’s all a bit like a dream. 

M: I can imagine it would be. It must be strange coming home after all the cameras and interviews and bright lights of the Olympics.

W: I thought it would be strange too, but I missed home a lot while I was away. I prefer the quiet and being able to sit down and relax without hundreds of reporters looking for an interview.

M: Well, you must miss the heat at least.

W: Believe it or not, I prefer the rain. It’s nicer to run in.


Question 7 

W: Bye.

W:  It was lovely to see Anne again. I rarely get to see her anymore.

M: Well, you both talked enough to make up for the lost time anyway.

W: We sure did. I think it’s time to order some food, don’t you?

M: Yeah, I’m famished.

W: Okay. Where did I leave my phone? Oh, no.

M: What?

W: I think I left my phone in Anne’s car. I put it in the glove box when we were going to the shop. Oh, no. I don’t know her number. How will I ring her to let her know her number is on my phone?

M: Don’t panic. I can message her on Facebook for you. What’s her surname?

W: She doesn’t have a Facebook.

Question 8 

Students, I need you to listen very closely to me. We have something terribly serious to discuss, which is cyber bullying.

We all know that when you use the Internet, there is no guarantee that the person you are talking to is who they say they are. This anonymity gives people a shield to do things. It’s not acceptable to abuse the Internet in this way.

And any student in this school who is caught behaving as such will be suspended without hesitation. I want to make it incredibly clear, bullying of any form is forbidden in this school.