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C2 Proficient (CPE)
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Test 1 / 16

You will hear part of a discussion between two language experts, George Steadman and Angela Conti, who are talking about how advances in communication are affecting English usage.

What point is made about the effect of the internet on language?
When discussing the main criticism of text messaging, George reveals
What view is stated about abbreviations in texting?
When discussing the new genre of text-poetry, both researchers agree that
What final conclusion do both the researchers reach about the state of English today?
Test 2 / 16

You will hear a discussion in which two marine biologists, Gina Kelso and Thomas Lundman, talk about an award-winning television film they made about wildlife in Antarctica.

Gina’s interest in marine biology dates from
The first wildlife TV series they both worked on

How did Thomas feel when he was asked to produce the programmes about Antarctica?
When they were in Antarctica, they would have appreciated
What was most impressive about the whales they filmed?


Test 3 / 16

You will hear an interview with an historian.

The settlement at Dimini is especially interesting because
The two theoretical reconstructions of the site
According to Professor Pretz, Chourmouziadis' interpretation
The main difference between the two theories regarding Dimini is that
Professor Pretz
Test 4 / 16

You will hear an interview with a British politician.

Susan says that she particularly dislikes politicians who
When she had her disagreement with Martin Jones, Susan
What was Susan’s attitude to involving colleagues in the controversy?
When asked whether her opinion of her colleagues has changed, Susan says that
Susan thinks she was considered mad by some other politicians because