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Paris Disneyland

The Disneyland resort opened its doors in 1992, with the second park Walt Disney Studios Park opening much later than planned in 2002, the resort is operated by Euro Disney SCA which includes stockholders like The Walt Disney Company, Saudi Prince Alwaleed and people like us. So how did Disneyland end up by Paris. Well by 1985 the choices that Disney had made for its European Disneyland was reduced down to just 4 locations, 2 in Spain and 2 in France.

Whilst the climate that Spain offered would be more appealing to guests the general feeling was that it didn’t have the central location that France would offer. The two locations in France were one in the midway by Paris and a southern location. The southern location near Marseille was ruled out due to thick layers of bedrock that were found when initial pilot drilling was done, which is a shame as the weather was better south than the Paris site. But the Paris location offers excellent road and rail links with Paris as well as major capitals in Europe.

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Exploring the internet

The internet has swiftly become an indispensable tool for travellers, with the travel sector, established as one of the mainstays of e-commerce. Much like an unfamiliar city, however , the Web can be a daunting place to explore on your own. Even if you have some idea of where you’re heading, you can stumble into many blind alleys along the way. All you need to know is how to go online in the first place; if you don’t know that, buy our excellent companion volume, the Rough Guide to the Internet.

The most obvious appeal of using the Net for travel arrangements is that if you know exactly what you want – a flight or ferry from A to B, the cheapest possible rental car, a cut-price all-inclusive package – there are great deals to be found. That’s just one small part of the process, however. The Net can help you to choose a destination in the first place, using sites that cover the whole world as well as those focusing on particular countries or cities and to decide where you want to stay and how you’re going to spend your time.