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Test 1 / 20

You hear Frank and Roy talking about life at 80.

1) What are Frank's, the first speaker's, feelings about driving?
2) In which way does Roy, the second speaker, show that he feels the same as Frank?
3) What advice does Frank give Roy?
4) What reflections about Frank does Roy put forward?
5) What regrets does Roy express?
6) How does Roy feel about the life he has led?
Test 2 / 20

You hear Jim and Ron talking about their love of football.

1) What is the reason for the first speaker Jim's personal anguish?
2) How does Jim's battle with his inner demons manifest itself?
3) What are the second speaker Ron's personal ambitions?
4) What does Ron's inner voice tell him?
5) What opinions of football do Jim and Ron share?
6) What are Jim's thoughts about Ron's situation?