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C1 Advanced (CAE)
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Test 1 / 17

You will hear an interview in which two journalists called Jenny Langdon and Peter Sharples are talking about their work. Choose the answer which fits best according to what you hear.

What does Jenny say about the story which made her name?
What does Jenny suggest about the editor she worked for on her first national daily newspaper?
When Jenny got her own daily column on the newspaper, she felt
Peter thinks he got a job on Carp Magazine thanks to
Peter and Jenny agree that courses in journalism
When asked about their novels, Peter and Jenny reveal
Test 2 / 17

You will hear an interview with Alex Mustard, an underwater photographer who has just published a successful book featuring his work.

What does Alex say about filming wildlife underwater?
When he was photographing free-diving, Alex
What does Alex say about his favourite shots in the book?
How does Alex feel about photographing dangerous creatures underwater?
Alex says that anyone wanting to take up underwater photography should
For Alex, the main attraction of going to Sardinia is
Test 3 / 17

You will hear part of an interview with a woman called Barbara Darby, who works as a casting director in the film industry.

According to Barbara. a casting director needs above all
Barbara says that she looks for actors who
At which stage in the casting process does Barbara meet the actors?
What led Barbara to become a casting director?
Barbara explains that what motivates her now is a need for
What made Barbara give up her job for a while?
Test 4 / 17

You will hear an interview with an engineer called Roger Moffat, who now works in the film industry.

How did Roger feel initially about being made redundant?
Roger regards his early days in business as
What does Roger feel is the greatest benefit of running his own business?
What is Roger's attitude towards his future?
How can Roger's appraisal of engineers best be summarised?
What does Roger find most satisfying about the ‘tools of the trade’?