C1 Advanced (CAE)
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Test 1 / 30

Extract One

You hear two friends discussing the topic of marketing.


Which aspect of college publicity material do the friends disagree about?
In the woman's opinion, companies link themselves with charities in order to

Extract Two

You hear two friends talking about ways of keeping fit.


What is the woman's criticism of exercising in gyms?
How does the man respond to his friend's criticism?

Extract Three

You hear a woman telling a friend about living in her capital city as a student.


What is she doing during the conversation?
Why does the man give the example of trees?

Extract One

F: Hi, Daniel – how are things? Have you applied for college yet?

M: Well, I can’t decide which one to go for. Lots of colleges have sent me their glossy brochures … and I see they now go on about how environmentally friendly they are; in fact they’ve got a star rating system for this one ..

F: Mmm … they e trying to attract as much interest as possible, though I’m not sure that would have much impact on my choice .. ltimately the course has to be the right one, though I can see they need to compete …

M: Well, yes, but if I was torn between two courses the new rating could decide it. It’s good they’re thinking about these issues … and the marketing people are certainly shouting about it!

F: It’s getting like the commercial sector – those companies who sponsor a charity for example, trying to persuade consumers that just by buying their products, they’re doing their bit for charity and can ignore other causes. I don’t know if it increases sales, but the cynic in me reckons many companies just want to appear softer in the public eye, so they make a lot of noise about their charitable credentials.

Extract Two

F: Are you still going to the gym, Frank?
M: Yes, but not as often as | should be.

F: That’s the problem, isn’t it? I’ve heard that the dropout rate among gym members is very high even in those really expensive, luxury health centres. Anyway, gyms aren’t the answer. I’m sure the real key is to build exercise into your daily routine, by doing something simple like walking to the mall or taking the stairs rather than the elevator – or doing sport. And another thing, I people tend to think that a sixty-minute workout entitles them to
laze around for the rest of the day or eat a lot and then undo all I the good they might’ve done, but people who exercise little and often don’t fall into the same trap.

M: That’s all very well, Mary, but what about the people who don’t give up on the gym and who actually feel the benefit, and quite enjoy the comradeship? Each to his own, you know. If you’d just give it another shot, you might find it suited you too.

Extract Three

M: What did you study at university, Alicia?

F: Horticulture – plants and things. I was based at a regional one, but I also spent time studying in the capital.

M: Seems a strange place to go if you want to grow things – the middle of a huge city.

F: Mmm, that’s what my fellow students said! I mean, I know it wasn’tideal. It’s a harsh climate – winters are bitterly cold, and the summer’s sweltering, with little rain. But folks in the city are just determined to grow stuff – on rooftops, balconies, wherever. They’ll just garden anywhere they can. It was a reminder of the strong spirit of gardeners.

M: Come to think of it, I do remember noticing the way some of the trees were looked after there. Instead of bare bits of ground around urban trees, they seem to take great pride in filling the earth around them with flowers.

F: And all that’s done by the residents themselves. It’s as if every tree s to be celebrated.

M: I wouldn’t go that far. Not all parts of the city are like that.

Test 2 / 30

Extract One

You hear part of an interview with a young actor.


Looking back, Sean admits that as a teenage TV star he was
What does Sean suggest about his current acting work?

Extract Two

You hear two radio editors talking about their work.


What do they agree about editing what a person has said.
What does the man suggest about the woman's voice?

Extract Three

You hear part of a discussion about Africa.


What does the man do for a living?
What does he say about development projects in Africa?
Test 3 / 30

Extract One

You hear two people on a music programme talking about the singer Nancy Graham.


What is the man's opinion of Nancy's second album?
What do the two speakers agree about?

Extract Two

You hear part of an interview with a woman who trained the winning horse in a top showjumping compeńtion.


Why does she compare herself to an Olympic athlete?
How did she feel before har horse won the competition?

Extract Three

You hear part of an interview with a food writer called Richard Capslick.


Richard decided not to become a chef because he lacked
What did Richard think about food writing before he got involved in it?

Extract One

Jon: I bought Nancy Graham’s first album. I loved it and thought it was a really new sound and a different way to sing the old jazz and blues songs.This one, however, seems in a way more of the same and, although there’s been an injection of country music to vary that jazz sound, I did think she was slightly running out of steam and maybe she’s released this album too soon.

Meg: I think there’s a lot of great stuff on it – the late night jazz numbers in particular. It just gets a bit bland at times for me. When the true ‘country’ stars sing of pain and anguish you believe them, which I can’t say I do here.

Jon: Maybe it’s just that she’s just not quite mature enough yet to have had the necessary experience to inject into the songs, and that’s why?

Meg: I have to say I did find it wonderfully soothing. I actually fell asleep listening to it but when I woke up I couldn’t tell the difference between the track I’d started listening to and the one I was listening to then.

Extract Two

Int: What do you remember about the first time one of your horses was a winner?

Trainer: It’s an incredible experience,after all those months of training. When my horse, Black Prince, won the National Showjumping Competition, people expected me to be exhilarated, but I was absolutely stunned by it. People ask, ‘How did you celebrate?’ but you’re completely wiped out! And it takes a while for it to sink in. I think you’re like an Olympic athlete – you know,they say it never comes home to them until they’re on their way home.

Int: You were worried about Black Prince before the competition, weren’t you?

Trainer: Not so much him, because he was in pretty good condition on the whole, and although the heavens had opened and it was getting awfully muddy underfoot, Black Prince excelled on that sort of ground. I hate to admit this now, but we had a replacement rider at the last minute, and I did just wonder if he could hack it – it’s a challenging course. Fortunately of course I was proved wrong, so I had to eat my words! I also … [fade

Extract Three

Int: So, Richard, you worked as an assistant in the kitchens of several well-established restaurants, moving round to gain experience.You found being involved in the preparation of new and different things every day very exciting. But at the same time you seem to have discovered you really didn’t want to be a chef?

Richard:Yes, it was quite tough just coming to that decision! I realised being a top chef is all about teamwork, and basically I just wasn’t up to being in charge of a whole kitchenful of people.There’s more to it than just creating fabulous dishes.

Int: And so you turned to writing about food?

Richard: I’d never really seen myself in that role at all,because I assumed, wrongly of course, that you couldn’t actually write for a living without some kind of recognised training or something. But a customer at a café where I was working asked me to write an article about food for a magazine she was setting up, and when I did it, I thought, ‘I love this!’ and soon it wasn’t even a part- time thing, it took over my whole life. Int: And you became the successful writer you are today … [fade]

Test 4 / 30

Extract One

You hear two friends discussing a book.


What surprised the man about the book initially?
The woman feels that the book has made her consider

Extract Two

You hear part of a discussion about a jewellery designer.


What aspect of the designer's latest collection does the woman admire most?
She feels that the designer's next collection

Extract Three

You hear part of an interview with the owner of a shopping website.


When answering the interviewer's first question, he is
He feels the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is